Quick view: Is 2 speed IT a good thing?

I was talking to someone today about “2-speed IT” and whether it is:

  • An excuse to avoid going agile, while still hoping to be invited to all the cool “go digital” fun projects; or
  • A recognition that different types of technology require different approaches, requiring IT teams to adopt a strategic view.

I started to explore my thinking on this when I found that the argument had already been succinctly captured elsewhere. So here is a quick summary of other people’s thinking about what “2-speed IT” means and why it is good or bad.

What is 2-speed IT and why is a good idea?

Here is an argument that, rather than jumping on the agile/digital/next thing bandwagon, we should adopt different approaches for different types of challenges:

Different problems need different solutions

But on the other hand

The same site has an excellent counter-argument:

Actually – 2 speed IT is not so good 

For me, I don’t want slow or flaky – I want fast and resilient.  So I am not a 2-speed guy, but if you want better advice – I think the two articles are worth reading.


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