Most blogs contain short, sharp and insightful comments, but some of my articles are quite long.  Don’t worry though, there will be a warning in the articles that are ridiculously long.

Some of my articles are actually descriptions of techniques and approaches that I have found work for me, or that I have seen work well for others.  Other articles are observations or theories that I am thinking through as I write.

Most of the articles here are about agile coaching, business development or approaches to uncovering the mysteries that exist in a work context, so we can see the world for what it really is and this find useful insights to help us work out what to do next.

Is it worth reading the articles in this blog then?  I cannot promise that everything will be valuable because a lot of my writing happens while I am still clarifying my own thinking, but I like to think that many of the topics I cover will highlight simple and pragmatic approaches to coaching and problem solving so that we can focus our brains on creating valuable insights rather than trying to understand a tool or technique.

You don’t need to agree with what I write here and I freely admit that the articles are based on my own opinions and potentially biased observations, so I am quite happy to hear where you agree, extend, reject or even don’t really care about the points I put forward.

  For more information on my background, have a look at my LinkedIn profile.


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