Delegation part 1

I believe that a lot of decision making is negatively impacted by unclear delegation. The result is that both the delegator and delegatee (if such words existed) want the right outcome and behave intelligently – but act on different information or assumptions. So it should help when delegating decisions to a group, if you am […]

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Bias and decision making

According to a recent article by Mckinsey, only 28% of the managers they surveyed thought that their organisations generally made good decisions. That’s a pretty scary statistic if one of the most important things we want management teams to do is to make good decisions. The article explains some of the common causes of bias […]

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They need to fix accountability

My favourite comment for the week was me and a friend talking about a project we were consulting on. We agreed that “they need to fix their accountability”. While we might be right, we realised that it is a bit wimpy to suggest that someone else has to fix accountability for a project you are […]

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Argumentum ad waterfallium

Argumentum ad hominem is a cool Latin phrase I read in a book called “How to win every argument – the use and abuse of logic”.  The book is written by Madsen  Pirie and while I don’t know if it is still in print, I do know its on the shelf at the Chattswood Library […]

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