Another new year comes along

I ended last year with a road trip to Melbourne, which is the city I was born in. My wife, daughter and I have a fantastic time, partly because we caught up with family, partly because we took the time to enjoy things together and also partly because of the simple fact that we were away – we had no work, no chores and no ability to do anything productive.

I am back home now and starting a fresh new year. I have no major new resolutions and no great purpose to achieve this year, so it is like a fresh start.

One thing I did reflect on was what to do with my blog. I quite enjoyed the challenge of publishing something weekly for the past year and so I reviewed what content I produced. Apart from the shocking need for better editing, or even any editing at all, I noticed that there was some repetition, a lot of observation and mostly some pondering of ideas.

I think I will continue with the frequent publishing of small ideas this year, but perhaps with some more focus. I currently think that I will look at three themes and perhaps try to create a longer, better thought through approach to 2 of those themes.

The themes

  • The starting point for coaching – setting the coaching relationship up for success;
  • Creating a culture that produces and benefits from good feedback; and
  • Book reviews, observations and reflections on other things that came up.

Two of these are generally areas of interest to me, that I think might sometimes not receive the attention they deserve, while the third is the general focus of my blog (an a lot of my enjoyment) in the past.

Let’s see how we go.


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