Goal Setting (By a 9 year old)

Goal setting is something I have to do, as we have to do it a lot during school. I think that goal setting is a great idea, but it is not always the easiest to do.

Hopefully this article helps you with it.

Types of goals

Goals can be silly. Last week we had to make a goal in music and mine was to be able to carry my trombone in its case, as it is REALLY heavy.

Though in other things, my goals are less silly. My maths goal isn’t silly. My maths goal is to be able to do division really quickly. Though I’m not sure that will happen soon. 🤣

So goals can be silly, sensible or a bit of both.

You do need to make sure

You need to make sure that when you write or type your goal that:

  • You have not achieved this or something similar
  • It is a goal you will be able to reach
  • You have a way to reach the goal
  • You have a time you want to reach the goal by
  • You make it useful.

If a goal is something you do a lot…

You should probably make up different types of goals that you will write. At school we have writing goals, maths goals, reading goals and a few other goals.

How I suggest you write your goals

I suggest you fold a piece of paper into quarters and write the heading on one section “_______* Goal” and then write whatever goal you were planning on writing. In a second section, write the title “How I will achieve it” and write how you will achieve it. In the third section, write the title “When will I have achieved it” and write when you want to be able to achieve it by. In the last section write the title “Resources I will need”, if there is not that many otherwise leave this section blank.

*Put the name of the goal there, e.g. maths goal


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