Where have all the agile coaches gone? Ping me if you find one.

A couple of months ago someone asked me if I know a good agile coach in Sydney Australia.   I thought I would be able to say yes because I am a hip dude who is in contact with the in crowd.  But it turns out my language is dated and a bit out of touch.

So I contacted the few people I could think of … but everyone I knew was embedded somewhere for at least another year.

The great coach drought

I figured that was good news for my friends and that some people would come free eventually.  But today someone asked if I know any good agile coaches in Sydney or Melbourne and I realised that I can’t find anyone at all.

So if you are someone I trained, someone I worked with, someone I met for coffee or even someone who is a decent coach then can you ping me.

Try emailing james@kingsinsight.com.   It is great if you can become available immediately, but actually its also good if you are completely not available yet but might be sometime in the next year or so if the right thing came up.

You will need to have either heaps of experience or some experience with a desire to learn more.  Also, it helps if you are not an evil coach 🙂

But don’t ping me if you are a recruiter or consulting firm.  I don’t have a specific role to fill – just a credibility gap where I want to be able share a contact’s name with someone I know and have nobody I can recommend for 12 months or more.

But I don’t even know the coolest hangouts now

Then I thought – maybe I should go and hang out wherever the coaches are.  I figured there would be a cool jazz bar where coaches were hanging out in the dark corners.  But I realised that I have lost touch with the world and I don’t even know the best meetups and hangouts to find good agile coaches.

So leave a comment or ping me if you know where I should go and hang out if I want to run into a coach.  I know there was once a decent scrum gathering in Sydney and I know that there is a lean coffee somewhere … but it would be good if you could let me know anything more specific than that.

Leave a comment or ping me if you have any suggestions




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