My keynote at the Melbourne BA development day

I went to the IIBA professional day in Melbourne and I gave the morning keynote for the day.  There were about 270 business analysts their to learn about all things BA.

I thought I would publish the talk because a couple of people asked me about the content.  Apparently there is still some confusion about business analysts on agile projects … and I assume also on data science, political and design thinking type projects.

My talk was titled “To Agility and Beyond.”  It was about the value of the BA in different contexts, such as agile, design thinking, data analysis and politically driven projects.

Many of the talks over the day touched on agility and BA work.  Political movements within organisations and where BA work fits in did not really get a mention.

If you are interested in learning all about the BA role in agile then have a look at this course. 

Otherwise, here are some photos from the event:


And here is a video of my talk.

Link to Youtube video

In case you are used to professional videos though, I should warn you that it is really just me reading the slides, without the humour or audience participation of the real talk.

But some people asked about the talk and while the slides are online for the people who attended, I thought it might still be valuable to hear what was being said.



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