Agile development

Agile is actually really hard videos

I have included some agile is awesome videos.

But to be fair, agile is not always awesome.  So here are a couple of great videos that show the pain of going agile – from the point of view of an passionate agile PM.

The first video shows his attempt to go agile in a large organisation – “I want to run an agile project”

I want to run an agile project

Then I guess he resigns, because now he has joined a consulting company who want to run all their projects agile.  Hopefully life will be better, but sadly …

I want to run an agile project part 2

Oops – forgot one (this has some naughty words in so use with care).  This is the counter view – scrum is inflicted on a previously happy team of developers in “Silicon Valley”.  This is from the anti-agile school of thought

Scrum in Silicon valley (with some foul language)


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