Everything is awesome in agile – maybe this is NOT how your retrospectives should go

I wrote a blog article about awesome agile teams a few minutes ago

Sadly the cynical side of me started thinking about teams where the agile coach was a really awesome cheerleader for agile and the team retrospective involved a lot of discussion about how awesome it is doing agile.

Then this song started playing in my head …


Unfortunately if the whole team are singing “living our dream – everything is awesome” then you are probably no longer agile.  You are too busy dancing and singing to talk about how to improve things and you are too busy “Becoming more agile” when you shouldn’t really care about agile.

Agile should be a tool that helps your team find easier ways to get your work done.  Your team should not let agile turn them into a “bunch of tools” obsessed with implementing agile.

Having said that if might be more fun to sing at work and find that everything is awesome – it might just be me who is a wet blanket.  Either way it is up to the team.

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