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Talking about retrospectives on another blog

I was running a course on “facilitating workshops in agile projects” when some of the crew asked what different questions they could ask in retrospectives (instead of just “what worked and what didn’t).

We got talking about the retrospective at the end of a project.  So I published a story of sorts on how to run a retro for 70 people at the end of a project.

At the end of the discussion I promissed to publish some of my comments so I put them together in a short story about running a retrospective.  You can read it hear if you are interested:


One thought on “Talking about retrospectives on another blog

  1. Aye. I was there. I was asking the questions that James kept saying “great question” and moving away from! But he stayed true to his word and at the end of the course – gave some great suggestions on running a large scale retrospective.

    Short answer: I followed (most) of the advice – and the Retro was a success!

    I’ve also blogged a follow up post on the agile tribe. awaiting heavy handed editing 😉



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