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The one thing you can’t outsource is innovation – or is it?

This blog is normally a collection of my own thoughts rather than a source for links to other people’s thinking.

But it seems a lot of companies are now deliberately asking others to do their thinking for them, so it seems fair enough for me to do the same.

Here is an interesting link to an article on crowdsourcing.

So my question is – if you can even outsource your thinking, what does it mean to be an organisation in the new world order?


One thought on “The one thing you can’t outsource is innovation – or is it?

  1. I’m going to start up a new business: outsourcing outsourcing. I will help people outsource their various business functions.

    To free up some time I might also crowdsource my current job. I will offer a secret prize for whoever can get my work done the fastest. (secret prize will be a link to a youtube video of a cat brushing its teeth)


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