Research into software development

I often come across research into things such as Agile development, ITIL, pair programming and other areas.  But the research is often quoted by fans of whatever the topic is.

I am generally too lazy to confirm that the research is sound, so I generally ignore most of it.

But here is some unbiased looking research (which I have not verified) into some areas of software development:


The areas I found most interesting were:

– Test driven development provides better quality but is significantly slower then “code then test”.  I am in favour of quality over speed in deploying new code, but this is the first research I have seen on the impact of TDD to speed.  And if the number is consistently “30% slower” then I guess that should give some teams cause to stop and think.

– Organisational structure and measures seems to have a massive impact on software quality.  So rather than revolutionising the techniques used, maybe better quality comes from building and supporting the team with the right organisational drivers.


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