(re) Launching an online forum

The innovative among us would love to run online forums in the areas that interest us.  But the old and jaded among us have seen many communities (online forums, communities of practice, centres of excellence) rise up, hover for a moment and then disappear from sight. So I was interested to see the following link […]

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Modelling the choices we make

It’s a scary concept when you think about it, but advertisers and others are spending a lot of time and money to understand how we make choices. It’s scary for two reasons.  The first is related to the evolution of predators and prey.  Every ecosystem continually evolves as the prey learn to evade the predator […]

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New blog

This blog is here to act as a focus for communicating information I find interesting around the areas of IT capability development, IT process improvement and new approaches to projects. Feel free to browse through the pages on the services I offer and to give me feedback on both the services and the way I […]

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