When someone is partially right

I run a lot or workshops, so I get into a lot of arguments. Of course, we like to call it robust discussion when we do so.  And of course I am generally facilitating rather than debating. So I need to know how to keep conversations “robust enough to be valuable” and “respectful enough to build […]

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Talking at the SDC next year

I have been quoting my grandma in Agile workshops recently. She probably thought that “lean” was fat free meat and that “kanban” was probably a type of cake.  But she did understand one of key concepts in successful projects: “Never mistake activity for progress”. In other words, writing and deploying a lot of code quickly […]

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On reflection

Action without reflection soon turns into panic, yet I don’t know anybody who has serious time to reflect each day at work. For example, I know of several teams who run small iterations on IT projects and still haven’t had time to sit down and think through how they plan their releases.  So in addition […]

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