Talking at the SDC next year

I have been quoting my grandma in Agile workshops recently.

She probably thought that “lean” was fat free meat and that “kanban” was probably a type of cake.  But she did understand one of key concepts in successful projects:

“Never mistake activity for progress”.

In other words, writing and deploying a lot of code quickly is not the same as solving business problems or improving the assets and capabilities of the organisation.  So I am basing my talk on her insight when I speak at the  Software Development Conference.

I believe that on many projects there is often a gap around:

  • Handing over knowledge at the end of the project
  • Maintaining knowledge during the project
  • Linking the overall solution into the existing business culture, strategy and processes

Having found these gaps, I also think it is relatively easy for members of the team (particularly testers and business analsysts) to step up and fill them.

I will probably test some of my theories in blog articles in the meantime.  So please let me know what you think of them – not just for me but for the poor audience who will be expecting more from the talk than just my Grandma’s favourite Date loaf recipe.


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