On reflection

Action without reflection soon turns into panic, yet I don’t know anybody who has serious time to reflect each day at work.

For example, I know of several teams who run small iterations on IT projects and still haven’t had time to sit down and think through how they plan their releases.  So in addition to having the team properly trained, I now run a training game called The Agile Release Planning Game.

The game helps people to experience the process of planning releases and iterations without getting caught up in the detail of their own projects.  So let me know  if you would like me to run the game, or would like to purchase a copy to run for your own teams and customers.

Back in the real world, I facilitate post implementation reviews for projects and post incident reviews for teams who have recently responded to a major incident.

More generally, I provide coaching to individuals in how to better deliver their projects, lift their performance or make the transition to a new (or growing) role.

I also provide workshops and coaching for teams in the areas of process and business consulting, business analsyis and effective project delivery.

You can also call me on +61 4 21 058 459, or email me at


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