Capability growth

Lifting organisational and individual capability

Rather than just rolling out various changes and reflecting on how they went, we want to continuously grow our teams and our own capability as well.

I am happy to work with you to develop a capability in any of the areas I work in.  This can be as simple as sharing the techniques I use or as sophisticated as planning and implementing an initiative across your whole team to build specific capabilities over the longer term.

I am particularly passionate about integrating the different aspects of capability growth.  These  include setting up internal mentoring, reading, training, coaching and process improvement.  I believe these should be implemented as a cohesive ecosystem that creates the capability of the team, rather than as separate and unrelated undertakings.

In some cases it might also be worth looking at the rollout of elearning, performing a formal skills gap analysis or even getting the team certified.  While I do not have the capacity to cover the full gambit of this work on my own, I do work with partners who do.

To find out more about these services, you can browse the articles in the Capability growth category.

You can also call me on +61 4 21 058 459, or email me at


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