Investigating issues and opportunities

Problems and opportunities probably abound in your environment.  What you probably don’t have is the time to really investigate what they mean.

By bringing in outside help you gain the benefit of  having someone with both the time and the experience to help you understand the essence of the problem or opportunity rather than just the symptoms.

You may have an obviously festering problem, opportunities that are laying dormant, or a situation that has everybody in your organization baffled.

Whatever the case, give me a call. I’ll help you tailor the investigation process for your specific situation

Typical approaches I use are:

  • Root cause analysis using a variety of techniques.
  • Requirements workshops and analysis.
  • Assistance with position papers and project proposals.
  • Change readiness assessment of the organisation before embarking on a new initiative.
  • Customer (and stakeholder) satisfaction and needs assessment based on an approach pioneered  by Steve Miller.
  • Team effectiveness workshops and assessments.

You can also call me on +61 4 21 058 459, or email me at


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