Help with implementation of change and projects

Even when you have an understanding of what the organisation needs, it can be difficult to implement the right solution effectively while so many other things are going on.

I specialise in supporting your team in effective implementation of a range of initiatives.  Where projects are large and complex, I also recommend trusted partners who I know have a track record of delivering the projects that I have seen others struggle with.

The specific support I can provide to you is:

  • Change management action and communication plans.
  • Change management delivery.
  • The rollout of integrated (or “blended”) learning solutions.
  • Assistance with improving team effectiveness.
  • Introducing Agile approaches to development teams.
  • Introducing continuous improvement approaches to service delivery teams.
  • Implementing process improvements in service delivery and project consulting teams.

To find out more about these services, you can browse the articles in the Implementation services category (coming soon).
You can also call me on +61 4 21 058 459, or email me at


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