It is technically impossible, but is it really?

I was watching Star Trek a couple of weeks ago and I was thinking – wouldn’t it be cool if work was just like Star Trek.

Then I realised that work is actually a lot more like Star Trek than I thought it was, so let me explain:

The whole crew nearly die in every episode in Star Trek (we don’t nearly die each week, which is good).  Since they are in a starship, the Star Trek crew’s survival almost always depends on their ability to work with technology. But I guess the show would be a little boring if everything worked as planned:

Captain: Yikes – that looks like a rare Lithiam based ameoba that eats starships, we need to warp out immediately

Pilot: No problem, the engines are working well within their design perimeters.  We have escaped easily.

(end of episode)

We don’t see many episodes like this though, we see the ones where they are in real trouble.

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