An international standard for being scared?

I sometimes quote ISO90210 (not a real standard) to represent a common approach that, while often used, is not a formally recognised standard.  It is more a common but informal way people approach something. In this case I am looking at how to be scared.  Apparently there is a standard approach to being scared that inolves the amygdalae in our brain and us cheking our big catalogue of things to be scared of when any event happens. But that is a biological response and I am more interested here in a project management response. So here is where I start – … Continue reading An international standard for being scared?

A risk register for lazy project teams

I told someone this article was already up on my blog and then realised I never got around to publishing it. Sorry about that.

Successful projects are generally successful because of the way they managed their risks; so I generally try to hire lucky project managers and surround them with a team of people who have (or are due for) some good karma, in order to avoid having bad things happen on the project.

But sometimes that is not enough, so I like to put in place risk registers, risk and innovation meetings and a bunch of other things to make sure I am managing my risks effectively.

But sometimes that is too much overhead for a small team to bear, so what can the team do that is easy, yet still reasonably effective?

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