Stories for production support teams part 3: stories involving vendors

A long time ago I used to do production support as part of my role (I was a Unix administrator/DBA/system analyst).

In those days requirements were really easy for me: people would come to my desk and ask for something, or they would email me or maybe even leave a scribbled note on my desk. There were no standard formats, no formality and (usually) no problems.

But even back then I had to work with vendors and sometimes that was when the trouble started. Some were happy with my “give me a call” approach to requirements, while others required a ticket and some even required a complicated work request form.

Now days, some production support teams are more professional that I was and they actually have real requirements or (if they are agile) stories. And most of them seem to be flooded with vendors.

So, do stories work with vendors?  The obvious answer is YES. For example, if you receive a story in the following format then it should work for you and also for your vendor:

  • As a coffee club member I want to be able to see a list of future coffee appreciation classes so that I can enrol in those that look interesting.

But what about complaints and bugs?

  • As a coffee club member I don’t want to have my name spelled incorrectly because it is really annoying me.

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