Somehow I missed agile going mainstream

I recently stumbled on this article again – Original article talking scrum.

Actually someone posted it in LinkedIn .

The ideas seemed so clear and so right when I read the article. In fact it seemed like something “the old guard” had ignored in their ignorance.

This was fresh, free thinking that the old guard would ignore now to their peril, while we who understood it would usher in a new world.

But then I realised that it was written in the 1980’s and was already quite old when I read it the first time.

I had an epiphany.

I used to laugh at old guys who said things like “Cool Daddy o” and “Rock on.” They seemed to think that they were radical and a bit out of control, but to me their music was “what my parents used to listen to.”

It hit me that not long ago, “agile” was something we talked about in cafes as part of the anti-establishment fight against pointless bureaucracy.

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History of the world in 3 sentences – will history repeat for start ups?

According to an article I was reading in an HBR blog, Western Europe came to dominate the world over the long time period from 950AD to 1850AD for 3 reasons. They stopped Elites from expropriating property (ie they stopped rich vested interests from being able to steal anything anyone else created). They made contracts enforceable. The created a mindset of independent thinking, secularism, and saving money. Those crazy Europeans and their world dominating ways. But I started to wonder if history would repeat itself, but faster.   And I wondered if we could see this coming. Probably not, according to Georg Hegel: “We learn from … Continue reading History of the world in 3 sentences – will history repeat for start ups?