Elaborating user stories: what about architecture?

Some people worry that in our rush to become more agile we might be leaving good architecture behind. So I often reassure with the following statement:

Don’t worry – There is no doubt that the system’s architecture will emerge from what we are doing. The only question is whether it will be the architecture we want.

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Elaborating user stories by using comparison tables

Comparison tables involve listing stories and then comparing the components or factors relevant to each story.  Generally speaking a comparison table is created as follow:

  • Stories are listed as either column headings or row headings; and
  • Story components or characteristics are listed for each story.

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Elaborating user stories by breaking them into tasks

In some teams, the iteration or sprint begins with the team discussing each story and breaking it down into the specific tasks that each team member will need to perform in order to complete the story. The team then track tasks on their story wall rather than complete stories.

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