New e-book – analysing business rules

I have been talking to some business analysts recently about business rules. Oddly, many people seem to really struggle with how to define them for a project, but nobody seemed to know where to go for help.

If you want to know how to write good business rules then a great site to start on is

But you can also read my new e-book on the same topic. I published it partly because I think a lot of BA’s are struggling in this area and partly because I wanted to see if it was hard to publish an ebook.

If you want to have a look in Kobo books then here is a link

It is also available in Nook and would be available in the iBook store except that my cover page was not good enough – I will need to design a better one.

(note added a week later …)  I realise I might not be updating the ebook for a couple of weeks from now, since I am in the middle of creating other material.  So I thought I would add the PDF version here too …Analyzing business rules PDF version

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Is it enough to say that the BA is the “universal translator” between business and IT?

I often hear that we need a business analyst to translate what the business people say, so that technical people understand them. Then, I am told we need the BA to then translate what the technical people say, so that the business people understand them.

I guess it goes something like this:

It sounds good, but actually I don’t think it is true.

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