Jason’s coaching journey. The mysterious cheat sheet

The mysterious cheat sheet

In this long read, we continue to learn about Jason and his experience as an agile coach.

In this episode Jason and Sonja stumble on some useful tips for coaches when they stumble on a coaching cheat sheet left behind by one of the ancient coaches and they learn some great tips to use when coaching.

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If you want to scale agile you should use a coach. But watch out – some are working for evil agile

If you want to scale agile beyond one team you should probably use an agile coach to help you on your journey
But watch out – some have signed the agile for evil manifesto and might not be a good fit for where you and your team want to end up.

This is the manifesto I offered the team in our course … and some may have signed it. Others refused to sign and might be a better fit if you are hoping to work for the forces of good

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Penny and the agile support team part two. Zara tries hard to explain things.

If you have just joined our story, Penny was promoted to run the new third level support team and she has been told they have to be agile.

Penny decided to start their second day with a team meeting and she bought everyone a coffee as a welcome to the team kind of gesture. Penny wasn’t absolutely sure, but she thought managers were allowed to charge coffee to the company when they had important meetings.

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