In addition to consulting services I provide a limited number of products.

Agile Release Planning Game

The Agile Release Planning Game simulates an agile project.  It is designed to teach participants the basic principles of velocity, technical debt, quality and adaptive planning.

Let me know if you are interested in playing the game.  Or read this article for a brief description. You can also download the game directly at this link.

Workshops for in-house use

I have created a limited number of workshops that can be run in-house by members of your team and I am happy to help you to build others.

One thought on “Products

  1. Hi James,

    First of all, thank you very much for making the ARPG files available; I’m an Information Systems student at PUCRS, Porto Alegre – Brazil, and attending to Phillippe Kruchten’s ARPG workshop at Agile Brazil 2010 inspired me to attempt to create a similar electronic version, trying to emphasize the decision making process over the team play, of course, but still keeping the core ideas.

    I’m lucky to be able to work for ThoughtWorks, where agile is a reality, but I often hear college colleagues talking about the way the companies they work for like to manage software projects – using old-fashioned waterfall models or, sometimes even worst, broken versions of Agile methodologies. For that, I think teaching Agile properly is a very important part of making software development reach its next generation, so I’d like to congratulate you and Phillippe for the wonderful work you’re doing in that area.

    Gabriel Albo Trindade

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