Consulting services

We help project teams, IT support teams and consulting teams to identify the root cause of issues and to identify opportunities for improving the way they deliver their work.

In line with this we also help both teams and key team members to:

  • Improve their depth and flexibility in problem solving;
  • Improve their project management capability; and
  • Communicate and manage change in their organisations.


Many good consultants focus on solving problems for their clients but our focus is on helping the leader and/or the team to grow their capability in creating and implementing their own solutions.

Many good trainers focus on teaching new skills as a path to capability development but we see capability development as involving the integration of processes, techniques and team dynamics as well as skill development. So we work with teams to understand their purpose, constraints and opportunities rather
than just running training for them.

We have a background in leading both project and operational teams in IT, finance and consulting environments. So we bring a broad and holistic understanding to problem solving and team capability development.

Feel free to browse through this blog to learn more about our style and views or to Contact me for more information.

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