Minor rant from James – what happened to the customer

I just posted this on another site, so I didn’t want to repeat it all here.

The article is at this simple english heading:


As you would (not) guess from the wording of the link, I am wondering why we still debate the involvement of the customer in our IT projects.

We adopt every new technical practice and every new approach – and then baulk at the idea that we need to understand our customer’s needs, or at the idea that we need to get them to make the time to help us.

Maybe we should stop implementing other project methodologies and start breaking our project approaches into two simple groupsings:

– Method 1 – ask people what they want, give it to them and then ask them what they want next.

– Method 2 – build something, apologise and then tell the client they are stuck with whatever it is, so why not give us more money and see what happens.


Working in virtual worlds – and getting away from it all in the real world

I just got sent this link to an article in Scientific American. Its about “gold farmers” from the third world.

These enterprising workers join online games and spend time playing the game in order to amass treasure or experience that they can then sell to others for real money.

There are already property speculators in Second Life and people who can be hired to join your team of adventurers in a game.

Apparently there is even online crime with computer hackers stealing real people’s characters to sell onto others.

So you can now use your real world fortune to do better in a fantasy game than if you actually had to play it … and you can log into an online game to do a days work, before logging out to get away from it all by spending time in the real world.

If only there was a role for gaming coaches then I could log in and spend time virtual coaching.  That would be a good life.

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