A slightly modified release planning game – the lost alphabet 2018 version

I invented a release planning game many years ago and I have used it in training quite a few times.  Then Eduardo Meira Peres invented a much simpler version. Teams must use sprints to recreate the alphabet after society forgot how to spell words.  The game covers concepts like sprints, velocity and adaptive planning in a very simple way. I am using the game again in some courses so I have simplified the game a little to focus only on velocity, dealing with change and adaptive planning. I have attached the instructions for both the participants and the trainer – … Continue reading A slightly modified release planning game – the lost alphabet 2018 version

A weekend course on the principles of agile for Sydney based project managers

Just a quick update on a one day course I will be running in July (actually Saturday 21 july 2012). It is designed for experienced project managers and other project leaders who understand the fundamentals of project management and I am running it as part of the ongoing education program that the Sydney chapter of the Project Management Institue (PMI) run. As well as my great presentation you will find they have a lot of good courses and workshops for project managers who are part of the PMI group in Sydney. The course covers the fundamental principles that I see … Continue reading A weekend course on the principles of agile for Sydney based project managers

Agile implementation: The card game

I run a lot of courses around agile project management and one of the most common questions I get is “What are the most common issues to watch out for when going agile, what should we focus on to make the transition successful”.

So I came up with a simple card game that highlights the constraints that hold teams back and the early practices they can focus on to be successful.

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A course on change management in the real world

I spend a lot of time training teams in new approaches like agile development, but most of this training is about new techniques themselves rather than the process of managing the adoption and acceptance of those techniques.

I also spend a lot of time coaching project managers in how to run more effective projects, but I find that a lot of my time is spent on helping them to deal with internal politics, resistance to their projects and communication issues – which do not form part of most project management courses.

As a result I believe there is a need for good training in the area of managing change.

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Agile release planning game downloads

There are now three versions of my agile release planning game so I thought I would add them to the site so people can download them directly: The original version The basic game covers release planning and also the challenge of planning for new features, fixing defects and being impacted by technical debt. It works well when leading discussions about velocity charts, replanning and technical debt. The latest version The game has evolved as people play it and redesign it.  This is probably the most playable and latest version of the full game … with thanks to Philippe Krutchen https://philippe.kruchten.com/articles/mtm/Continue reading Agile release planning game downloads

Finally launched my agile training game

We set up a stand at the recent Software Development Conference to run the Agile Release Planning Game I designed. It seemed to go down really well, so I have decided to make the game available publicly if anyone is interested in using it. In the game, participants are a group of scientists and engineers who are stuck on Mars after a “less than successful” landing.  They are on a mission to make scientific discoveries but must now rebuild a basic infrastructure for survival before returning to their original mission. Participants then create a strategy based on rebuilding their ship, … Continue reading Finally launched my agile training game