Vacancy for an agile trainer in Australia

I do a lot of work with Software Education and I can vouch for them as an excellent group to work with.

So I thought it would be worth mentioning that they are looking for a new trainer to deliver a range of courses in agile development.  You will need to be charismatic, experienced and good at dealing with the reality of projects rather than just the theory.  The charisma is particularly important because the rest of us trainers look like we have been hired for our experience rather than any soap opera like good looks 🙂

If you get a job there and love it then you owe me a coffee.  If you hate it then its not my fault, I just typed in a link to some random site and you should have done more research.  On the other hand if you miss out on or don’t follow up on the role then it will have been great.

Similarly if you start work with Software Education and it all goes really well then tell them that you found them through me and I deserve kudos by association.  But if you suck at facilitating and helping participants learn, then tell them your name is Geovanni McKetchup and that you have never heard of James King.

On a slightly serious note though, if you are considering training or consulting and do have some practical experience, then they are a great bunch to work with.  Contact me if you want more of a briefing on their style and what it is like working with them.

Partner for capability development – Software Education

A lot of the work I do involves building the internal capability for an organisation.  And while I like to think I am good at what I do, I don’t have the expertise to cover the full breadth of work this can entail.  So I often work with Software Education.

You might see me appearing as one of their trainers, since any face to face BA or Agile training I do tends to be working as one of their crew rather than in my own right.  You might also see them as the group I recommend using when I am doing consulting for you and you need training to accompany that work.

So, who are they?

They describe themselves in the following terms:

“Software Education are the internationally recognised local experts in software development training.  With over 50 courses in Business Analysis, System Design, Programming, Software Testing, IT Management and Agile Development, we not only provide you with access to leading-edge content but also get you connected to an unrivalled network of international experts. “

Whether through our public courses, individually tailored in-house training or our international conferences, STANZ and SDC, with our help you will acquire practical, relevant skills which you can use immediately.

What’s more, we can help you acquire certification, if that’s important to you.”