A choose your own adventure for agile coaches

Following a discussion I had in a recent class on agile coaching, I said I would create a “Choose your own adventure book.”

I have only done 3 pages but if you are interested then have a look


If people like it then I might add some more content but for the moment it only has some comments on the different approaches to agile coaching that Lao Tzu and Confucius recommend.



Do you really need to celebrate failure to improve continuously?

Last century I learned about something called TQM which was all about empowering teams and improving processes. Now I am learning about agile and design thinking concepts.

These are great approaches and we have learned many things over the years, but some things have not changed.

For example, one thing common to all of these approaches is the concept that failure is good.

Failure is learning, so it is better to “fail fast” or “learn and pivot” than to avoid doing anything until you are sure it is safe.

But to be honest, when I fly from city to city I would prefer that the pilot does not fail often. In fact I hope he or she has flown the same plane a lot with other less important people, before taking me up and away from the safe ground I was on.

So, should be happy when we fail?

(warning – this is a very long read for a blog, but I thought I would send it out and fail to interest you rather than stop to think it through properly)

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If you want to scale agile you should use a coach. But watch out – some are working for evil agile

If you want to scale agile beyond one team you should probably use an agile coach to help you on your journey
But watch out – some have signed the agile for evil manifesto and might not be a good fit for where you and your team want to end up.

This is the manifesto I offered the team in our course … and some may have signed it. Others refused to sign and might be a better fit if you are hoping to work for the forces of good

20150612_104653 (1)

Everything is awesome in agile – maybe this is NOT how your retrospectives should go

I wrote a blog article about awesome agile teams a few minutes ago

Sadly the cynical side of me started thinking about teams where the agile coach was a really awesome cheerleader for agile and the team retrospective involved a lot of discussion about how awesome it is doing agile.

Then this song started playing in my head …


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