A weekend course on the principles of agile for Sydney based project managers

Just a quick update on a one day course I will be running in July (actually Saturday 21 july 2012). It is designed for experienced project managers and other project leaders who understand the fundamentals of project management and I am running it as part of the ongoing education program that the Sydney chapter of the Project Management Institue (PMI) run. As well as my great presentation you will find they have a lot of good courses and workshops for project managers who are part of the PMI group in Sydney. The course covers the fundamental principles that I see … Continue reading A weekend course on the principles of agile for Sydney based project managers

Why so long between articles baby?

Its been a while since I have published anything so this blog is starting to look more like an archive of my old ideas rather than a regular window into my musings and ideas. But there is an explanation – My most recent project has been consuming more of my attention than expected. Project New Baby (Or since we normally use acronyms in IT – “PNB”) involved the development and delivery of the next generation of peopleware for the King household (ie a baby). Since the project was run by my wife, who is an exceptional project manager, the project … Continue reading Why so long between articles baby?

Link to my presentation for the agile gathering in Sydney in July

Last night I did a presentation for the monthly gathering of agilistas in Sydney, so I thought I should publish my slides here. There is no sound so they may not make too much sense without any context, but here they are anyway: http://prezi.com/vllsdawtxfxv/but-where-do-the-stories-come-from/ They are created in a free software package called Prezi.com that allows you to zoom in and out of material so you can present a mindmap rather than a set of slides. I am sure with practice and creativity you can create far better presentations, but even as a first try I found it really easy … Continue reading Link to my presentation for the agile gathering in Sydney in July

Finally launched my agile training game

We set up a stand at the recent Software Development Conference to run the Agile Release Planning Game I designed. It seemed to go down really well, so I have decided to make the game available publicly if anyone is interested in using it. In the game, participants are a group of scientists and engineers who are stuck on Mars after a “less than successful” landing.  They are on a mission to make scientific discoveries but must now rebuild a basic infrastructure for survival before returning to their original mission. Participants then create a strategy based on rebuilding their ship, … Continue reading Finally launched my agile training game

Learning facilitation (if you are in Sydney)

I run training for people in a lot of different areas and one thing that consistently comes up is the importance of facilitation in just about every area of work. I like to think I am a really good facilitator and that you will get real value for money by getting me to facilitate challenging meetings and workshops for you.  Yet I still have to admit that most of the important facilitation happens within your own team. So how do you become a better facilitator?  There are some really good training courses around that I am happy to recommend.  But … Continue reading Learning facilitation (if you are in Sydney)

Talking at the SDC next year

I have been quoting my grandma in Agile workshops recently. She probably thought that “lean” was fat free meat and that “kanban” was probably a type of cake.  But she did understand one of key concepts in successful projects: “Never mistake activity for progress”. In other words, writing and deploying a lot of code quickly is not the same as solving business problems or improving the assets and capabilities of the organisation.  So I am basing my talk on her insight when I speak at the  Software Development Conference. I believe that on many projects there is often a gap around: … Continue reading Talking at the SDC next year

Modelling the choices we make

It’s a scary concept when you think about it, but advertisers and others are spending a lot of time and money to understand how we make choices. It’s scary for two reasons.  The first is related to the evolution of predators and prey.  Every ecosystem continually evolves as the prey learn to evade the predator in new ways and the predators learn new ways of capturing the prey.  So the advertisers are seeking new ways to influence us as we build up immunity to older tricks. The scary part here is that advertisers are spending millions of dollars to get … Continue reading Modelling the choices we make