This is my blog, which is here to share the information on a number of areas that II find interesting.  Most blogs contain short, sharp and insightful comments. Mine contains some very long articles, but the reason is that I sometimes post guides to techniques that clients ask for or that I present in a workshop and want to store for later use.  So in some ways this is a semi-blog and semi filing cabinet for ideas.

I run a small consulting organisation with my wife and we scale effectively for large assignments by working with partners we trust.

I have a masters degree in  business and technology and more importantly I have many years experience in projects, process improvement and information technology.

My wife has a masters degree in operations research. She has worked on and run large process re-engineering projects, as well as strategic business projects resulting in business mergers and divestments.

In my time I have run consulting teams, web development teams and even superannuation administration teams.  I now specialise in improving the effectiveness and capability of IT and project teams.

A lot of my work involves running training courses and working with IT professionals.  I do generally do this work through a company called Software Education.  You can find my profile as a trainer at this link.

I also run training for management teams in product development and organisation design using the Business Model Canvas, in which I am one of very few certified trainers.  I generally run that training through The Growth Faculty in Australia. You can find out more about that at this link.

For more information on my background, have a look at my linkedin profile or feel free to download my resume (James_King_resume).

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