My take on Mindset Tax in coaching

I recently wrote about “coaching tax” and suggested that we should focus on making sure we optimise our “time on task” when coaching, but I got the idea for a coaching tax from the concept of the “Mindset Tax.” In this article I want to look at the difference between a mindset tax (the time spent not being able to grow) and a thinking trap (being trapped in your own unhelpful story or thinking pattern). Both are relevant to coaching and it helps to be aware of them. Defining the term “mindset tax” When coaching, we want people to gain … Continue reading My take on Mindset Tax in coaching

Tweaked goal – more action

I find that when I set goals, I often need to test them out and then refine them. No matter how hard I think about things up front, I always find room for improvement as soon as I start pursuing the goal. I recently set a goal of “read someone else’s writing once a fortnight” because I thought I should make more time for reading. This seemed good at the time but I now realise it was pretty bad. Firstly “reading” was ill defined. I skim a lot of articles but rarely read them properly. So I decided to tweak … Continue reading Tweaked goal – more action

Never miss the goal twice

At the start of this year, I wanted to get back into writing. I used to keep a journal and I have maintained this blog for a long time. I was still writing some presentations and workshops at work but I missed writing entire training courses and user guides. The problem was that I did not have a big dream or vision for a world changing novel and the people at work were not looking for a whole new agile training curriculum. So I decided to start small and commit to writing 2 blog articles a month. It was a … Continue reading Never miss the goal twice