Imperfect agile, or fit for purpose?

I have been looking at patterns for “agile release approaches” and in this article I will be looking at some more patterns that I have observed. But I got a bit distracted by the philosophy of value and so I will be meandering for a little while before I get back on topic. If a team creates value in an ecosystem and nobody hears it, did the value really get created at all James when left too long to ponder The philosophical bit I have always thought of agile ways of working as being a continuous cycle of both learning … Continue reading Imperfect agile, or fit for purpose?

Continuous (“ish”) Release patterns in agile teams

When I first worked with an agile team, we released our work into production whenever we wanted to. We were able to do our own testing, our own release control and our own communication with users. We also supported our own work. We released some things during the day and others outside normal hours, where a couple of the team stayed late and ate pizza while making sure everything worked. This was very different to the old “waterfall” world I had also worked in, where a release took an entire weekend and involved up to 100 people. It was a … Continue reading Continuous (“ish”) Release patterns in agile teams