A slightly modified release planning game – the lost alphabet 2018 version

I invented a release planning game many years ago and I have used it in training quite a few times.  Then Eduardo Meira Peres invented a much simpler version.

Teams must use sprints to recreate the alphabet after society forgot how to spell words.  The game covers concepts like sprints, velocity and adaptive planning in a very simple way.

I am using the game again in some courses so I have simplified the game a little to focus only on velocity, dealing with change and adaptive planning.

I have attached the instructions for both the participants and the trainer – give it a go.  It is free and its quick and easy to use in a class or workshop.

Lost alphabet 2018 version facilitators guide

Lost alphabet 2018 version iteration instructions

Agile versus knowledge part one – stories are great

Last week I gave a talk for business analysts in Sydney on “documentation for agile teams”

My talk did not really contain anything too radical, but it did draw a reasonable crowd, with 80 business analysts making time to come after a full day of work.

So why did 80 people turn up when, being business analysts, they are probably already quite good at documenting the things that agile teams need?  It is not like agile is a new concept.

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