Card sorting – agile BA technique 158

Card sorting is a simple and useful way to gather feedback on which features people want in a new system, which problems they want solve or generally speaking, what they want.

So I was surprised recently when some business analysts I was working with had not heard of the technique and I thought I would describe it here so they can look at it again.

All you need is something people want and a pile of cards to sort:


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A different view on scaling agile in your enterprise

I was running a course recently and we were talking about the challenge of scaling “agile.”

Nearly everyone agreed it was really hard and that we needed organisational alignment and support from the top.

But one person disagreed.  He asked me  if I had seen the following TED talk:

Rory Sutherland: Sweat the small stuff

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Velocity is great but meaningless on its own

I just wrote a couple of entries on “velocity” and now I want to look at some of the implications of using it.

Here I will be looking at how we interpret velocity and how we can use it. In particular I will be looking at how it relates to concepts such as “done”, “regression testing” and “showcases.”

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Quick notes on handing over knowledge

I recently got asked if I have any examples of things to hand over to a production support team when doing an agile project.

I guess, in fact, it doesn’t matter if you are handing over to someone else or supporting something yourself when you go live.  Either way you want something to refer back to.

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