What does a velocity chart look like in an agile team?

In my last article I gave a brief description of “velocity” and how I might use it in a training course.  I ended up measuring progress in “coffee points.”

This allowed me to plan my training topics and to share our progress during the day with the students in the class so we could continuously plan during the day.

All great stuff – but you might not actually know what a velocity graph looks like.  So this article runs through how I might draw my velocity graph as a “burn-up chart”, “burn-down chart” or something else.

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Understanding velocity – setting the scene

Velocity is possibly the most used, most loved and most misunderstood measure in agile projects.  You will often see a rough chart like this one near your local agilistas … or you might find that they have a beautiful electronic version.

But what is velocity and how do people use it?

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