I’m running a course on business model generation and innovation – April and May 2015

A lot of people work hard at building great products, but they fail to sell them.  Fewer people really focus on the customer and those who do find that they build far more relevant (and profitable) products.

But even fewer truly understand their business model and how they effectively and consistently deliver value to both the customer and the business owner.

So I am running my business model generation and innovation course again this year in Sydney with the Growth Faculty.


Come along and learn how to make better decisions about what customers will love and then deliver your value proposition more effectively and more easily.

This course is based on using both the business model canvas and the value proposition canvas, as well as other design thinking and agile development tools.

I am a certified training in the business model canvas through the team who wrote the original book on it.  So you can watch a couple of quick videos on the tools at this link if you want a taste of what you will be learning:


It also covers how to go from a great idea to an effective project to deliver on the idea.

I’m running a course on the dark arts of office politics again – 21 March

Hi project professionals and people who are not too evil …

I am running my course on “The dark art of office politics without losing your soul” again

You can book into it through PMI Sydney and come along on Saturday 21 March if you would like to learn how to get things done in organisations that consist of people.


You will learn how to deal with multiple people who have their own agendas and you will learn to deal with organisations that are not always perfectly focused on value.  Plus you will learn some useful career management skills.

Of course it is up to you whether you use these skills for good or evil – but at least you will be more effective at deliberately driving good or bad outomces as a result