Cheat sheet for analyzing a process

These steps don’t have a  detailed explanation but we were talking about how to analyze a process and we decided to summarize our conversation.

Here a several sets of questions


you can use to understand or improve a process or a step in a process.


I thought training was easy – what is going on here?

I spend a lot of my time training people in areas such as agile project delivery, business and product innovation and business analysis. Allegedly I spend around 50% of my time running training sessions, while I also spend time consulting or providing “transition management” to help an organisation through change.But against all expectation I have been seeing an increase in demand for training over the last year and seem to be spending 90% of my time running training or facilitating workshops. This is great because I am getting a steady and interesting supply of work.  But it also led me to start wondering how the training landscape is shifting.

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