Presentation for ACS Young IT SIG

A surprisingly short article for someone as long-winded as me.

I am presenting to the IT people of the future on what agile is (and is not).

Here is their rather long link to the presentation:

Come along if you are local and part of the group (or can sneak in).


A weekend course on the principles of agile for Sydney based project managers

Just a quick update on a one day course I will be running in July (actually Saturday 21 july 2012).

It is designed for experienced project managers and other project leaders who understand the fundamentals of project management and I am running it as part of the ongoing education program that the Sydney chapter of the Project Management Institue (PMI) run.

As well as my great presentation you will find they have a lot of good courses and workshops for project managers who are part of the PMI group in Sydney.

The course covers the fundamental principles that I see as underpinning agile approaches and is NOT a certification course nor an introduction to being a project manager if you have not done the role before.  But it will be a full-on day covering

  • A brief context around where agile came from and what it is
  • The concepts of value creation and waste in projects
  • Adaptive planning and how it compares to traditional project planning
  • The concept that success or failure really comes down to the people in the team and how they interact with each other

Here is a link if you want more information:

Let me know if you are coming.