Finally launched my agile training game

We set up a stand at the recent Software Development Conference to run the Agile Release Planning Game I designed. It seemed to go down really well, so I have decided to make the game available publicly if anyone is interested in using it. In the game, participants are a group of scientists and engineers who are stuck on Mars after a “less than successful” landing. ¬†They are on a mission to make scientific discoveries but must now rebuild a basic infrastructure for survival before returning to their original mission. Participants then create a strategy based on rebuilding their ship, … Continue reading Finally launched my agile training game

Delegation part 1

I believe that a lot of decision making is negatively impacted by unclear delegation. The result is that both the delegator and delegatee (if such words existed) want the right outcome and behave intelligently – but act on different information or assumptions. So it should help when delegating decisions to a group, if you am really clear on what decision you want made : Not just the item that is up for discussion but also whether people are helping you decide what the solution should be or just how to implement the solution that has already be decided; and Not … Continue reading Delegation part 1