They need to fix accountability

My favourite comment for the week was me and a friend talking about a project we were consulting on. We agreed that “they need to fix their accountability”. While we might be right, we realised that it is a bit wimpy to suggest that someone else has to fix accountability for a project you are […]

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Argumentum ad waterfallium

Argumentum ad hominem is a cool Latin phrase I read in a book called “How to win every argument – the use and abuse of logic”.  The book is written by Madsen  Pirie and while I don’t know if it is still in print, I do know its on the shelf at the Chattswood Library […]

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Minor rant from James – what happened to the customer

I just posted this on another site, so I didn’t want to repeat it all here. The article is at this simple english heading: As you would (not) guess from the wording of the link, I am wondering why we still debate the involvement of the customer in our IT projects. We adopt every […]

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