Research into software development

I often come across research into things such as Agile development, ITIL, pair programming and other areas.  But the research is often quoted by fans of whatever the topic is. I am generally too lazy to confirm that the research is sound, so I generally ignore most of it. But here is some unbiased looking research (which I have not verified) into some areas of software development: The areas I found most interesting were: – Test driven development provides better quality but is significantly slower then “code then test”.  I am in favour of quality over speed in deploying new code, but … Continue reading Research into software development

Partner for capability development – Software Education

A lot of the work I do involves building the internal capability for an organisation.  And while I like to think I am good at what I do, I don’t have the expertise to cover the full breadth of work this can entail.  So I often work with Software Education. You might see me appearing as one of their trainers, since any face to face BA or Agile training I do tends to be working as one of their crew rather than in my own right.  You might also see them as the group I recommend using when I am … Continue reading Partner for capability development – Software Education

Agile, lean, kanban – more stress for the team?

I had an interesting discussion in a workshop last week.  At the end of the second day someone asked me if “there have been any studies on stress levels for agile teams?” I claimed that there should be less stress (which there should) but several of the group replied that there is in fact more stress than people experienced before going agile. I wasn’t really satisfied with the conclusion of the discussion.  We left it with the shared agreement that There is no fundamental reason why teams need to become more stressed with changes such as agile, lean or kanban … Continue reading Agile, lean, kanban – more stress for the team?